I need new friends, part 1

So I’m not well. And, apparently one of my closest friends doesn’t care and wants me dead. Which is always nice.

And for those who don’t know, like two months ago I only poo’d like once a week. Then I poo’d well for around a month, and now I only poo once a week again. And now this. So now I’m worried. Thought not worried enough to go to the doctor, natch.

Also, this over at EDSBS is amazing.

(15:32:13) ditriech: sorry, I’ve having problems.
(15:32:30) ditriech: seriously, like I can’t focus or stay awake or upright for long periods of time
(15:32:43) WhamBangThud: That is a problem there.
(15:32:49) WhamBangThud: The hell did you eat?
(15:33:02) ditriech: actually, the problem is because I haven’t been eating
(15:33:05) ditriech: its the job man
(15:33:24) ditriech: I don’t get home with time to eat
(15:33:43) ditriech: no nutrients and no sleep make ditriech something something
(15:54:01) WhamBangThud: Unable to get it up?
(15:54:16) WhamBangThud: And what the fuck do you mean home with time to eat?
(15:54:25) WhamBangThud: When are you not allowed to eat?
(15:54:39) ditriech: to actually have time to cook a meal
(15:54:56) ditriech: mostly because I have to turn around a get right back up the next day
(15:55:48) WhamBangThud: Man, just go down the street and buy a sandwich and some fruit
(15:55:49) WhamBangThud: jesus
(15:55:57) ditriech:
(15:56:13) ditriech: then that brings out all other problems of costs
(15:56:20) ditriech: and affordability
(15:58:49) WhamBangThud: So you can afford WNDC beer and shopping carts full of cake, but 3.99 + $0.33 oranges are too much to keep from starving to death.
(15:59:06) WhamBangThud: Ditrienomics are fascinating
(15:59:11) ditriech: I do wndc once a month after commission checks
(15:59:51) ditriech: and I gave up cake for this month
(16:01:45) WhamBangThud: Why are you suddenly completely broke when you’re single and working full time on a job where you make comission?
(16:01:57) ditriech: well, im not broke
(16:02:02) ditriech: I just really hate spending money

(16:04:22) WoodnShoePimp: so i’m supposed to kill you.
(16:04:23) WoodnShoePimp: back story?
(16:05:12) ditriech: something about how I’m not eating right and which bizzo thinks could be rectified by me going to harris teeter and buying fruit
(16:05:30) WoodnShoePimp: you should buy fruit
(16:05:37) WoodnShoePimp: maybe you’ll poo more
(16:05:42) ditriech: well, yes
(16:05:49) ditriech: and I poo 5 times a week now
(16:06:15) WoodnShoePimp: i’m gonna shove bran down your throat until you’re pooing twice a day
(16:06:24) ditriech:
(16:06:36) WoodnShoePimp: we’re gonna have a bran bong
(16:06:38) ditriech: reasons why I’m not living with Dutch, #2199
(16:06:45) WoodnShoePimp: like a beer bong, but with bran
(16:07:30) WoodnShoePimp: seriously
(16:07:47) WoodnShoePimp: i’m gonna put like two pounds of bran in a blender with two beers and a pint of wiskey

(16:05:59) ditriech:
(16:06:07) ditriech: so you’ve decided to have me whacked?
(16:06:12) ditriech: THAT MAKES ME BETTER HOW?
(16:06:55) WhamBangThud: I have changed goals
(16:07:06) ditriech: no shit.
(16:07:14) WhamBangThud: From making you better, to never having to listen to you reason out loud again.
(16:07:52) WhamBangThud: kthxbai
(16:07:57) WhamBangThud has signed off.

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