Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

And while it should come as no surprise to the good people of Ohio, to whom Tebow did a good deal more than nip the tip of our manhood two title games ago, the big goofball spent his spring break doing this. (Wizard of Odds].

I can only hope a conversation like this happened at some point:

TEBOW: Howdy Susan! Good to see you. How was your break?

SUSAN: Oh, hi Tim! It was great! I went down to Mexico, had some tequila, some sex. I think my friend Betsy is still down there with some really hot members of a drug cartel. I think it might work out for them in the long run. How was your break?

TEBOW: I spent it circumcising Asian children.


TEBOW: It isn’t the kind of thing you can do legally in the US, so I had to go all the way to the Phillipenes to do my part.

SUSAN: … I guess I never thought you would take the Gator Chomp quite so literally…