Terrific Tuesday!

(01:02:57) WhamBangThud: wow
(01:02:59) ditriech: yeah
(01:03:02) ditriech:
(01:03:15) ditriech: btb, I just double clicked to im you to say the same thingi
(01:03:25) WhamBangThud: As they might say in Ohio, “WHAM”
(01:03:31) ditriech: Two points?
(01:03:56) ditriech: ah. now you see what I did there
WhamBangThud is typing
WhamBangThud has stopped typing
(01:07:35) WhamBangThud: Sorry, I’m distracted by a replay of a victory speech given just before it was revealed you didn’t win.
(01:07:40) WhamBangThud: It’s a fascinating artifact
(01:07:47) ditriech: Hills?
(01:07:55) WhamBangThud:
(01:07:56) WhamBangThud: ?
(01:08:10) ditriech: the speech?
(01:08:26) WhamBangThud: Oh. Right yes.
(01:08:32) WhamBangThud: Her. Not the landmass.
(01:08:38) WhamBangThud: Indeed
(01:08:55) ditriech: though, if the landmass was giving a speech
(01:08:58) ditriech: I’d take heed
(01:09:00) ditriech: seriously
(01:09:05) ditriech: what was the final margin
(01:09:17) ditriech: im only getting 51/49 hills here
(01:09:55) WhamBangThud: Everyone’s saying that, or 50/50 with percentages
(01:10:04) WhamBangThud: either way, it’s a Not Win.
(01:10:10) WhamBangThud: A Fail, if you will.
(01:10:15) WhamBangThud: As the kids say.


(01:10:29) ditriech: they do say that
(01:11:52) WhamBangThud: I kind of want Rocks to play the finisher tomorrow.
(01:12:31) WhamBangThud: Have the pack of supers he kept quiet all declare first thing in the morning.
(01:12:42) WhamBangThud: “Now that the people have spoken”
(01:13:05) WhamBangThud: Then just shut up and let both Clintons say whatever damn fool thing it occurs to them to say.
(01:14:01) WhamBangThud: Go to some island until the 3rd, have long, angry, post-ivy-league sex, send the kids snorkeling, and pick up a tan before the convention.
(01:14:06) WhamBangThud:
(01:14:08) WhamBangThud: wait.
(01:14:31) ditriech: yeah, the snorkeling was a stretch
(01:16:10) WhamBangThud: Yeah, I’ll try and calm down. I’m getting crazy with these predicticators.
(01:16:26) ditriech: lil’ bit, yeah
01:23:01) WhamBangThud: Finals are in
01:23:12) WhamBangThud: 50.7%, she wins it
(01:23:20) ditriech: “wins”
01:23:41) WhamBangThud: Lead went from 95,000 votes when she declared victory to under 40,000.
01:24:02) WhamBangThud: Combined with NC, this makes it a -7 delegate night.
01:24:15) WhamBangThud: God damn.
(01:24:27) ditriech: best night ever for Rocks fans like myself
01:25:09) WhamBangThud: She’s going to win WV by a lot, he’s going to win Oregon. I bet he takes MT by a (slight) suprise. Give her Idaho and Rico.
01:25:37) WhamBangThud: Then split the remaining supers 50% … which is AMAZINGLY optimistic for Hillary
01:25:43) WhamBangThud: and … he still wins.
(01:25:46) ditriech: yup
01:26:15) WhamBangThud: Unless they find the bodies of 30 or more molested children with the whole family’s teeth marks on the bones,
01:26:38) WhamBangThud: We’re looking at the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.
(01:26:53) ditriech: Finally, I pick a winner
01:26:56) WhamBangThud: And latest count has his money lead over the Repubs in the tens of millions.
01:27:11) WhamBangThud: Jesus.
01:27:32) WhamBangThud: I still remember the block of the city I was on when we first talked about the possibility of him even RUNNING.
(01:28:04) ditriech: yeah, I remember when he gave the speech in 04
(01:28:33) ditriech: that’s when i feel in love
(01:28:48) ditriech: or, as they say, got a crush on Obama
01:30:51) WhamBangThud: … are you dancing right now in a halter top?
(01:31:03) ditriech: noooo
01:31:33) WhamBangThud:
(01:31:54) ditriech: she’s pretty hot though
(01:32:03) ditriech: I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers
(01:32:05) ditriech: ….
01:32:57) WhamBangThud:
01:33:06) WhamBangThud: Goodnight then
(01:33:10) ditriech: night
01:33:23) WhamBangThud: FUCK YEAH
01:33:28) WhamBangThud: AMERICA
(01:33:32) ditriech: AMER–
(01:33:34) ditriech: DAMMITT

3 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday!”

  1. the first fifteen lines of that convo make no sense whatsoever. just an fyi.

    that being said, i wouldn’t kick obama out of bed for eating crackers either

    or wait. are we talking about obama girl?

    well, either way.

  2. Well, that’s mostly for set up. You know me, all about the set up.

    And I also misspelled “Terrific” at first to.

  3. her lead in the end was from lake county, where her lead was 15,000. There were 11,000 absentee ballots. A bit too much of a coincidence methinks…

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