One thought on “Weezer is better than you.”

  1. I am sure Rivers Cuomo thinks that he is better than me. Just because he went to Harvard doesn’t make him any better than me. I am going to call it now and say that there will be two decent songs on this otherwise throwaway album. First of all Pinkerton sucked. Second, the green album had one decent song, “Island in the Sun.” Hashpipe was crude pandering to the masses that was lyrically simple, musically uncomplex, and obnoxious. Same goes for Beverley Hills. The guitar solo on Perfect situation is good, but the rest of the song sucks. I think that Rivers is not the creative talent that many imagine him to be. There are many people more deserving of accolades for weezer’s accomplishments, such as Brian Bell and Jason Cropper. Jason deserves more money, more credit, and more props for the blue album than Scott Shriner or Cuomo. But Cuomo had him sign a court gag order because Rivers is vain and had more money and therefore more legal power. Rivers is an unpleasant person. Just look at how Cuomo ditched Mikey Welsh in his time of need(suicide/drug addiction) by reshooting the music video of Island In the Sun to not include him.

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