This Weeks Sign of the Apocalypse

The revival of Carlos Mencia’s career.

carlos mencia

Carlos has made a career of being not funny but offensive. The author has no objections to offensive comedy, so long as it is artfully done–for example Lenny Bruce, George Carlin. The Aristocrats is the authors favorite comedy feature film. But even Dennis Leary is a more insightful and talented comedian than our friend Carlos. Despite guest spots on “In Living Color,” “The Shield,” and “The Bernie Mac Show” Carlos has few accomplishments to boast of in an illustrious career that includes a guest spot on Moesha, “The Three Amigos” comedy tour, Multiple HBO stand up specials, a cable ACE award (even more of a joke than a Grammy or Emmy), and three seasons of the television show “Mind of Mencia”. Maxim magazine, though hardly a bastion of hard hitting journalism…oooh lett me rephrase that… recently named him number 12 in their worst comedians of all time.

Not only has he plagiarized from comedians Bill Cosby

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Sam Kinison

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The State

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and Ari Shaffir

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But his original material is not funny. His bit on vegetarianism is not funny. His bits on Iraq, white people, michael jackson are NOT FUNNY. While attempting to “juxtapose existing social issues with ethical convention,” he indulges in and perpetuates stereotypes. He is not using stereotypes to provide insightful social commentary in the manner of Dave Chappelle, he is just spreading and capitalizing on racism. Carlos’ career is an example of affirmative action gone wrong. Yes, getting more Latino people on television is a noble goal, BUT DID YOU HAVE TO PICK HIM? Really? There were no better Latino comedians? How about John Leguizamo? Paul Rodriguez?

A comedian should be supported because of their anecdotes, their unconventional outlook on situations, their ability to vocalize something common to many people’s life-experience, their provocative use of language and delivery. On all accounts Carlos Mencia fails miserably. His delivery suggests that the louder he is the funnier he is. Perpetuating stereotypes without good reason not only doesn’t offer social commentary or examine the phenomenon behind the stereotype, it hurts social progress by breeding racism. His continued career shows that if you are persistent and network with the right people, you can succeed due to a lack of people of your race on TV whether or not you as an individual are funny.

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  1. The only way I’m watching that show is if he rapes Dane Cook to death.

    Or the other way around.

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