The Beauty of Earworms

(RG on the Earworm phenomenon to Hey Jenny Slater)

As we all well know, I have a pretty addictive personality. Mostly with respect to, you know, beer. But also with music. So, it should come as no real surprise that I have a new favorite song by my favorite groupsd1, the Zach Condon led Beirut.

You see, apparently while I was falling in love with Gulag Orkestar, Beirut released another album. And, I’m not over exaggerating heresd2, reaches greatness in the second track, “Nantessd3“.

Nantes – Beirut

Seriously. This is the greatest song that I’ve ever heard. Like ever. I know, with my tendency toward hyperbole that doesn’t mean much, but I have visual evidence!

(Taken about 02300 05/26. Click Picture to Embiggen)
most played

(Taken about 0018 05/28. Click Picture to Embiggen)

Seriously. I’ve played the song 24 times in the past two days. And that’s not even counting the time I played it on winamp, or listened to the imeem version or watch the YouTube video.

Which is, of course, right here.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="375" height="308" wmode="transparent" /]

Actually, there are two “official” YouTubes to this song, the other being a little different, an though I think it is good, it just doesn’t feature the tubas as much. Which I don’t necessarily dislike, its just that the one I featured here is a lot better.


Listen to how beautifully his voice carries in the stairwell. And the whole following him downsd4 thing that the camera does is pretty awesome. But watch what happens at the 1:54 mark (or with 2:00 left if you are like me and like to watch things countdown). From that point on, Condon just takes over. Completely. Overpowers the instruments without a microphone.

(Cleans off spittle from screen)

Seriously. New favorite song. It will overtake Mt. Wroclai. Soon. And when that happens, I’m sure I’ll tell you.

sd1: Well, at least my favorite artist since I moved here. The Wu probably is all time favorite. And I know I said Weezer was my favorite band before. Like two days ago before. That was obviously a lie because although Weezer is good, they’ve never done anything this good. Ever. Very few people could. (back)

sd2: Well, maybe a little. (back)

sd3: I’m well aware that Nantes is a city is France (and, actually, each song is supposed to give a feel of a different French city) which means that a) I won’t be able to pronounce it at all and b) That somehow, the French are winning their war against me right now. Which cannot stand. (back)

sd4: Yes, that was a Gin Blossoms reference. Good catch.(back)