Your periodic Beirut Updates


I’m not sure that this is "the Best [Beirut] table…ever", but it’s pretty sweet. I just don’t really see the functionality of the LEDs. But that could just be because I don’t play Beirut in low light conditions. The ball washer is pretty pimp though. Aand, this happened. Gotta love the Great State of Ohio. He just didn’t want the kids to go off to college with sub-par skills. Honest. Beirut plays in LA As per usually (and as you well know I believe that it’s warranted and everything), the media gushes over how awesome he is. Also, he ended the set with "Nantes" it appears.

2 thoughts on “Your periodic Beirut Updates”

  1. Having a cool Beirut table still doesn’t change the fact that you reside in West Virginia…

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