The Case for Loyalty

By the time I was born, Cleveland had lost the Barons (like twice), so there wasn’t really any hockey going on in the ditriech household. Baseball, yeah. Basketball, yeah. Football, of course. It’s Ohio.

Anyhoo, my older cousin played hockey. So he used to watch hockey when we were over my grandparents house, like on Easter and stuff. Or around Easter. Its hazy. All I remember is because he was the only person I really looked up to (Case in point: one time me and my brothers were discussing our favorite dolls action figures and we asked him who his favorite was. He look at us. Paused. And said “I don’t play with toy men. I play with real women”. Granted, it’s essentially the same thing that Vender said. But I was like 11. So it was awesome.) so I decided to follow hockey as well. And, of course, the first thing you do when you follow a sport is you pick a favorite team. Now, at that time (around 94-96) was about when the Red Wings started to become a good team again. Also the fact that I didn’t really start to hate the entireity of TSUN, and that the Pens wore the same colors as the Steelers (And the Pirates. Because the entire city of Pittsburgh is not smart enough to remember to wear different colors for their different major sports franchises or something) and I chose to “follow” the Red Wings.

This Stanley cup championship, however, gave me a chance to rethink my decision.

(10:26:41) WoodnShoePimp: so bizzo got me all excited about the redwings
(10:26:49) ditriech: and then they lose
(10:26:52) WoodnShoePimp: and the game last night went into the third overtime
(10:27:02) WoodnShoePimp: it was 1 am, at that point i didn’t care who won i just wanted to go to bed
(10:27:10) ditriech: haha
(10:27:34) ditriech: I’ve decided that this game will determine my hockey loyalties
(10:27:55) WoodnShoePimp: whoever wins, that’s who you’ll follow?
(10:28:02) ditriech: yeah
(10:28:17) ditriech: well
(10:28:24) ditriech: “follow”
(10:28:52) WoodnShoePimp: cheer for when convenient for you?
(10:28:59) ditriech: yup

And, as we know, the Wings won. So once again, I’ve been proven to be right.

That’s pretty much the point of this post. Me being right.