I am more proud of this sentence than of anything else I have done


And that’s terrible.

Hundsfrau:  ill have to make [meatloaf]
Bizzo:  It’ll be good to finally have clear what I will or will not do for love.
Hundsfrau: what?
Bizzo:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WiMjTgh-u4
Hundsfrau:  OMFG 
Bizzo:  I thought everybody knew about this song. It’s like Vanilla Ice. You never actually hear it, but is something you can’t get out of the early 90’s not knowing 
Hundsfrau: i know it
and what is “that”?
Bizzo: no fucking idea
I like to make things up
“I must return the engagement ring, as we will only grow bitter over the years. You want me to shove this live squirrel up my butt, and I simply will not.”
Hundsfrau: ……huh
<backs slowly out of the room, covering butt with hands>
Bizzo:   Man …
I get that response to everything
Hundsfrau: god meatloaf is panting heavily while molesting that microphone… its a disturbing 80s flashback
Bizzo:  hahahaha
why are you still watching?
Hundsfrau: because its hilarious
Bizzo:  Against all your better judgement, do you find yourself aroused?
Hundsfrau:  REPULSED!
Bizzo: But subconsiously … you can’t look away …
Hundsfrau:  ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Bizzo:  It’s like a Jell-o mold playing an Anne Rice character in a made for tv movie …
Rippling metric gigaounces of man love.
Hundsfrau: … HAHAHAHAHA
Bizzo: Whatever you do, do not google that sentence.
Hundsfrau: no
Bizzo: Any resemblence to an e-harmony profile with my name is coincidence.