The Obligatory Links Post

Craigslist a minefield of lies? Great. If more people read this than it looks like I’ll never get a date. Wait! I just linked to it! Shit.


I laughed out loud at this when I first read it in Ikea. And, from now on, The Dugout is not allowed in the Obligatory links post. Because it would be here every single time. It’s that good. Go read it. Now. You had me at Beer. Then again, most people have me at beer. So I don’t really know what that means for you, (RG: Lifehacker)

The DCiver is scared of Robots. The Dutchman, not so much.

I want. it’s like a cuddly alcoholic bloodhound. "fox and hound" meets "teddybear’s picnic" meets "beerfest"

Oh look. More reason to love the Ladies… in general and LadyAndrea in particular. Not like I am only a fan of women that drink beer or anything.


Moving on.

Fucking caterpillars. Ruining my state and all. Thank you Onion, for real news reporting.

And also, that you for this. Now I can cancel that dream vacation.

Something store. Something that is a great idea. Something that I am upset I didn’t think of. Something I will be using (RG Cogitmus). Somebody cut me if I continue to use the word "something"

I don’t know if I’ve ever linked to Hey Jenny Slater (besides that massive fucking B-roll) before. But it’s a good blog. Even if they do like SEC football more than the beauty that is the Big (11) Ten. I’m sure that I’ll change my tune by the middle of the season. And this is a good post.

High school?  Really? You mean, some of the blogs I read (and respect!) could possibly be written by people in high school?

Fuck I’m old.

I actually agree with this article, Congress is too small. I feel as though they should at least extend some caucuses into Djibouti. Or, uh, you know. Expand membership. But not without electoral collage reform. Because, you know, it needs to be reformed (later date, I promise!) (!).

Miller Lite is only 96 calories! WHOO!

/me drinks

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