Your Periodic Beirut Updates.


To quote YBB

Watchout MMA. Beer pong is making a push to become America’s favorite sport that combines competition and killing brain cells. If there’s a beer pong movie it can’t be long before we’re watching drunk people bounce ping pong balls into cups on ESPN or Versus.


Now now, I don’t think that Beirut will be on ESPN anytime soon (though I have been advocating BeirutCenter for a while now. Seriously. It would work.), and I also don’t totally agree that Beruiters are alcoholics, seeing as alcoholics go to meetings. But still, you (read: I) have to respect someone who breaks so much important Beirut news, including The First Black [Beirut] Player (a personal hero of mine),WiiPong, and A Black eye for [Beirut].


Not to say that PUN knows anything about violence on the table. Honest. There are never knives, nor headbutts at any Norton table.


Moving on.

From The Great State of Ohio (!), The City of Oxford has decided to do away with lower the penalty for outdoor furniture, allowing RedHawks and Oxfordians alike to only have a minor misdemeanor instead of a misdemeanor in the fourth degree for having outdoor furniture, though this quote here is money

"As soon as you abandon your beer pong table, then it becomes an issue," [Police Chief Steve Schwein] said.

Seriously. Table Abandonment is a problem. If you find yourself no longer using your perfectly good Beirut table, advertise it on craigslist. Or email me, I’ll gladly take it off of your hands.

Zach Condon, the leader wonderful band known as Beirut, had a previous band known as The Real People. Which, you know, was good but not the same level of good as Beirut. But the important thing is, that we now have definitive proof that Real People play Beirut.


I’m sorry about that. I’ll never do it again.

The last supper

This picture is from this guy’s website. It’s of his new table. Which is (obvs) completely and totally awesome.

And right here in the DC metro area, people seem to be protesting the greatest Wii game ever.

Of course, I had to put the remix to Right Side of the Tree’s Beer Pong Anthem after putting the original on cofabg. (RG The Dirty)

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