Murphy: ‘Crash’ was responsible for Rise

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Dade Murphy, or "Crash Override" as he is known to his "online" friends and enemies alike, likes to believe that his efforts are responsible for the rise in Internet security professionals.

"If anything, my hacking, first in ’88 as ‘Zero Cool’ then hacking the Gibson back in ’95, showed companies that no one is safe without the proper tools in place," said the corporate security maven from his home in Edmonds. 

"And I mean companies from across the board, from the smallest to the largest, they all see how vital a thing information security is. And I was the one who brought in into the public conscienceless–not only for the boards of directors but for the hundreds of script kiddies out there that now see that hacking can be used for both good and evil"

Murphy, who now consults for a number of companies in the Seattle area as what is known as a ‘White Hat’, says that he still sees the effects of his efforts while out in the street.

"People are always saying "Hack the Planet" or "I kinda feel like God" to me as they pass me, or when they stop me for autographs. I don’t have the heart to tell them that Cereal [fellow hacker Emmanuel "Cereal Killer" Goldstein] was the one who said that and not me"

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