7 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free”

  1. you know what the best part about this post is? The fact that I don’t remember the last half of the fourth and no longer feel alone. Thank you for this Bizzo.

  2. Does anyone else see the connection here? Braveheart… Freedom… The 4th of July… The Patriot…

    Bizzo… Mel Gibson?

  3. yeah, but the best part about bizzo’s night is that he remembers all of it. which makes for much better stories.

  4. Yes. Yes it does.

    And Kwiek – shhh. I’m slowly assuming his identity while he’s away in rehab or scientology or something. I wouldn’t want anyone to hint at this plan in some publicly availa …


  5. So that’s why the Chinese give week long vactions every 4 months or so…and if by a week you mean making you 2 work extra days for longer hours and then giving you 4 days off…

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