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(10:50:01) ditriech: you know what else you couldn’t make up? a prominent Black leader saying that Rocks was cutting his nuts off with the Blacks. I mean, this stuff never happens on tv.
(10:50:48) WhamBangThud: Obama may be one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
(10:50:56) WhamBangThud: And I’m strangely comfortable with that.
(10:51:36) ditriech: or! you could have the right use the exact same "he’s a communist" rhetoric that they used with MLK
(10:56:41) WhamBangThud: I mean hell, look what they had to come up with for Kerry.
(10:57:03) WhamBangThud: I mean, he was a nearly comatose lifetime bureaucrat.
(10:57:44) WhamBangThud: But no. They had to somehow, by some absolutely wacky, brain-bleeding contortions, make him a no good hippy draft-dodger.
(10:58:02) WhamBangThud: And he was a Navy Fucking SEAL.
(10:58:17) WhamBangThud: You’re either a Hippy or a Red.
(10:58:20) WhamBangThud: depending.
(10:58:29) ditriech: well, the democrats have always sucked at branding.
(10:58:43) ditriech: esp. seeing as I didn’t even know he was a seal.
(11:00:41) WhamBangThud: Wait, never mind.
(11:00:48) WhamBangThud: I just wildly hallucinated that.
(11:00:53) ditriech: ok
(11:00:54) ditriech: good
(11:01:02) ditriech: I mean, we are bad at branding
(11:01:04) WhamBangThud: I really need to stop licking the mold on the bottom of my coffee cups
(11:01:11) ditriech: I just was hoping not that bad
(11:01:11) WhamBangThud: … and maybe clean them
(11:01:15) ditriech: well, no.
(11:01:22) ditriech: on both counts
(11:01:27) ditriech: They Haz Flava.
(11:01:32) WhamBangThud: But he was a combat-duty naval officer.
(11:01:46) ditriech: yeah, so not a hippy at all
(11:02:00) WhamBangThud: And somehow, the Republicans still ran against him on a hippy-coward-draft-dodger ticket.
(11:02:16) WhamBangThud: With a candidate who did no combat service in the exact same war.
(11:02:52) WhamBangThud: Of COURSE they’re going to call Barack a commie. He’s too young to be a 60’s hippy, and those are the ONLY TWO THINGS they know how to run against.
(11:03:26) ditriech: see, this is where politics makes no sense to me
(11:03:46) ditriech: 1) what the fuck are clinton supporters thinking?
(11:04:16) ditriech: 2) how are you a muslim commie with a crazy christian pastor
(11:04:31) ditriech: 3) why doesn’t barack obama answer my emails?
(11:05:12) WhamBangThud: I know what you mean. My flowers came RIGHT BACK to me by FedEx.
(11:05:59) ditriech: I thought I was the one he was waiting for you know?
(11:28:10) WhamBangThud: Then he goes and says WE are waiting for us. Or something.
(11:28:27) WhamBangThud: My heart is a blood interstate of confusion.

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