The Smell of Justice


The 2008-2009 NHL Schedule of Games is up. Praise be to Ice.

This year’s Outdoor game is Chicago – Detroit at Wrigley Field, New Year’s Day. I think the gods are giving me a second chance there, after Internet Explorer ripped the tickets from my hand for Buffalo-Pittsburgh.

In celebration of this day, we reflect:

Bizzo: Nothing’s more classic than 6 French Canadain guys being chased around by a man with a mullet, suspenders, and no shirt.
Baseball fans have black and white footage of Babe Ruth’s warm-up swings.
We have this.
Dutch: ….
Bizzo: The organ music really makes it.
I feel like I’m watching an episode of Monty Python on French Telemundo.
And how that guy’s still just skating around at the end
One elbow pad
Still no shirt
Literally everyone else has left the ice
And he’s still looking for more people to punch in the face.
The dialouge between him and the ref:
“Monseiur, please to leave and merci if you put on the clothings now.”
“Hunh? Man I’m STILL DRUNK. I gotta hit somethin!”
(points at other ref)
“Can I hit that guy?”
“… non.”
me: (points at zamboni guy)
“HIM? He looks like an asshole. I wanna fight him.”
“… non.”
For some reason, I give Shirtless Mullet Guy the voice of Tris.
Bizzo: Is that key like glued down, or what?
Dutch: there is honestly no other response i can make

2 thoughts on “The Smell of Justice”

  1. according to my logs of that conversation, you omitted a key line:

    Mike: My office practically reeks of mayonnaise now.

    where in the convo does it go? does it even matter?

  2. I lose track of the Canadian jokes sometime. There are just so many to get through.

    And seriously. Do you want tickets to that game? Think I can get them ahead of time.

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