Public Service Announcement

Gentle people of the Club in which Drinking takes place primarily on Wednesday Night,

First, a bit of housekeeping to attend to. Going forward, meaning starting in August, the WNDC will meet on the Fourth Wednesday of the month. Its the most powerful one I hear.

Anyhoo, this meeting will be the hottest one of the year. Mostly, because it takes place on day 212 of the year.

Ok, I’m sorry, it was the best I can do. I was all planned for this meeting to be on the 23rd and have all kinds of interesting tidbits of information about the meeting date. Like that it’s Monica Lewinsky’s birthday. Also, that <em>two</em> Marijuana activists were born on this day. Or that the Hale-Bopp comet was discovered. Or that Vanessa Williams had to give up the Miss America crown! The Glenville shootout (note to self: do not go home and start a basketball tournament called the "Glenville Shootout")!

But no. All I get for 07/30 is the stupid 1st Defenestration of Prague (not even the good one with the manure and stuff), Jimmy Hoffa disappearing and Baltimore being founded (paving the way for "The Wire". So I guess that’s a win). Oh, and it being the 212th day of the year due to Leap year.

Anyhoo, this month’s meeting will take place at Nort Strip 1 (you know, my place) on July 30th at around 1900. Questions, comments, concerns, and ridicule (take that Vampire Weekend!) should be forward to

Also! Due to special request from the Guest of Honor, the famed table, Sur La Beirut Table, will be completed and ready for action.

Keep coming back,



I’m well aware this is the worst thing I’ve ever written.

Public Service Announcement – DJ Danger Mouse