t3h gauntlet. He throws it

(00:23:10) WhamBangThud: WAKE AND KILL
(00:23:46) ditriech:done
(00:23:54) WhamBangThud: excellent
(00:24:02) WhamBangThud: You realize this is going to be
(00:24:09) WhamBangThud: well … violent
(00:24:25) ditriech:which part? the email thread or you visiting?
(00:25:53) WhamBangThud: second
(00:26:48) ditriech:yeah. im sorta hoping I don’t get final confirmation on a job until late next week so I can say "ill start the first"
(00:26:54) ditriech:well
(00:26:56) ditriech:not the first
(00:27:06) ditriech:I guesss the 5th
(00:29:53) ditriech:Dutch has named it Bizzopalooza
(00:30:09) ditriech:though he also said it is hunter s. thompson-esque
(00:30:29) ditriech:im considering calling it Bizzopalooza: Fear and Loathing in Arlington VA
(00:32:28) WhamBangThud: My only comments:
(00:32:36) WhamBangThud: 1) i posted a few hours ago
(00:32:43) WhamBangThud: 2) prepare for glory
(00:33:35) ditriech:you mean like the Denzel Washington movie about the 54th regiment of Mass.(?)
(00:33:45) ditriech:or, like a 3 day hangover glory?
(00:33:50) ditriech:
(00:33:57) ditriech:not that that happens to anyone we know
(00:33:58) WhamBangThud: 1)
(00:34:05) WhamBangThud: 1)
(00:34:05) WhamBangThud: 1)
(00:34:19) WhamBangThud: Also, all beruit base are belong to me
(00:34:25) ditriech:haha
(00:34:39) ditriech:silly irish, don’t you know that’s the only thing I’m good at anymore?
(00:35:10) WhamBangThud: Goals for long weekend:
(00:35:20) WhamBangThud: See the [Redacted] family
(00:35:28) WhamBangThud: Beat Dutch at sock wrestling
(00:35:36) WhamBangThud: Ruin PRG’s love life
(00:35:43) WhamBangThud: Beat AJB at beruit


I love Bizzo like, well, a brother. But I will own him today.

5 thoughts on “t3h gauntlet. He throws it”

  1. Enjoy Bizzogeddon.
    I’ll be camping for the rest of the week, so I expect drunken voicemails when i get back.

  2. how long did you have this post in the queue? since i know you weren’t at a computer when this went live, i’m guessing… two weeks?

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