What can Brown do for you?

(21:10:43) ditriech: who is MIA?
(21:10:58) SouljaRoyTellEm: militant indonesian chick
(21:11:00) SouljaRoyTellEm: awesome music
(21:11:17) ditriech: so I should [purchase the music at an authorized retailer]?
(21:11:27) SouljaRoyTellEm: yes
(21:11:29) SouljaRoyTellEm: paper planes is awesome
(21:11:42) ditriech: wow, so my sister does have good taste
(21:13:22) SouljaRoyTellEm: yeah the music is awesome
(21:13:25) SouljaRoyTellEm: and unique
(21:13:40) SouljaRoyTellEm: shes one of the good browns
(21:13:48) ditriech: like braylon edwards!
(21:14:48) SouljaRoyTellEm: wont lie, i laughed
(21:14:58) ditriech: nice


This guy, however, is not one of the good browns.

Durham agreed to plead guilty to murder — but only if he could get a break from jail food. The judge agreed and granted Durham a feast of KFC chicken, Popeye’s chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream.

After Wednesday’s sentencing, Durham was to get the rest of the deal — calzones, lasagna, pizza and ice cream, his defense attorney confirmed. They will pay the tab.

Well, the more I think about it, maybe he is. He knew he was in the wrong. He knew he shot the guy. So he decided to use the only leverage he had, a guilty plea, in order to get something he really wanted, decent food.

Though, there is always the chance that he might, you know, get shanked over a drumstick.

(RG: Ta-Nehisi Coates, who I pretty much call Run TNC in my head at this point)

3 thoughts on “What can Brown do for you?”

  1. All I wanna do is
    Hey, and take your money.

    Relatedly, Pineapple Express review coming.

  2. ….

    Also, I would like to point out that I love Gröûp X. Though it was Good Girl Yais, Bad Girl No that turned me on to them. Though my favorite song nowadays is Peanuts (Too Toot).

    Don’t know what that says about me. Other than “Are you sure you’re Black?”

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