Checking in.

So, my guess is that I haven’t posted on here in several years. Which is bad to you all. I know how much you’re actively missing me. Wubbykins. I’m back. Sort of.

Well, right now, I’m in Lexington, for several reasons, not the least of which is that you can’t get good bourbon in Ohio. Seriously, this is a problem. I come down here every now and again, and a major reason is the trip to Liquor Barn. Blanton’s and Ale-8. I even tried Pimm’s Cup with Ale-8 earlier, and though it tasted like nothing at all, now I can say I’ve tried Pimm’s Cup.

Speaking of Liquor Barn, why is that a chain that we do not have in Ohio? Seriously, we need a Wal-Mart full of liquor. Period. This needs to happen. If we need to start in Cincinnati, we can, just to break in the state. But let’s get on this, people.

2 thoughts on “Checking in.”

  1. Sort of relatedly, I feel shame at my city lately. Every group of grown men I go to a bar with ends up doing shots of soco and lime. It’s by law, or something. i suggest a completely respectable bourbon or rye, and 2-3 people yell “the smell makes me tinkle!” and order soco and frakking lime.

    This is where I draw my metrosexual line in the sand.

    So it’s like … a figure 8 or something.

    I’ve lost control of this.

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