Your Olympic Moment of the Week.



Well aware that he goes to TSUN and is from B-More. And a fan of the Ravens. And there should be no person that I hate more in the world.sd1 But still. Awesome.

And, apparently, the DCeiver and I think alike.



And yes, that convo was the impetus for this post.


I’m going to go write something useful now. Like a cover letter or something. I need a job.


(RG: The Dutchman (the person who both sent me the link [that I apparently skipped over last night] and in the convo) and The DCeiver.)

sd1 Besides Jerome Bettis. I mean, he was born in TSUN, went to Notre Dame and played for the Steelers. The only thing that would be worse is if he hung out playing poker with Michael Jordan and was banging…well, you get the point.