Your Periodic Beirut Updates

Deadspin covers kids dying from Beirut.

From that bastion of Beirut news & knowledge, You Been Blinded, Nintendo Wii changed the name of their (stupid, stupid) video game from “Beer Pong” to “Pong Toss”. 

I would like to say that this is stupid. First off, video games about sports that people can actually play are stupid unless you are drinkingsd1. So I’m pretty much against this game in general. Plus, the fact that Beirut is too…perfect to reduce to a computer screen. Unless its like Strat-O-Matic Beirutsd2. Secondly, changing the name to “Pong Toss” is like when Sega and SNES had sweat instead of blood for MKII. We all know what it is.

Apparently, there are floating Beirut tables out there. It’s not regulation though, but it’ll be good cross training. And it’s possible that Tara Reid might come over and play. If you respond to her craigslist ad that is.

Beirut is apparently being attacked by the Athens police department. But that’s not the greatest  travesty. No. This is.

The ordinance prohibits fixed-priced "all-you-can-drink" promotions, and Sideways Bar allegedly charged an undercover police operative a $15 entry fee and offered him all the beer he wanted, according to police.

A plainclothes police officer went into the bar Saturday night with an unnamed civilian who paid the fee and was told by a bar employee that he could have "unlimited cups of draft beer," according to police.

Gawker (the Gawker media types love ‘Rut), also had a story in which Beirut was featured. This time not killing people, but causing herpes, gonorrhea, mono, and Hepatitis. So I guess that means I won’t be playing with Mo again.

Lastly, a Belgian diplomat had to be removed from Beirut for apparent personal reasons. Though it that it probably had more to do with threats on his life from his previous post, and not actual personal reasons.


sd1: Examples: Silver Strike Bowling, Golden Tee. Exception that proves the rule, Tiger Woods Golf.

sd2: Believe me, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for the past three years. I actually have a pretty good idea on how to do it, I just someone with better math skills than me to help me figure out some stuff. And yes, I am an alcoholic and a dork and the exact same time. It’s my life, and I just want to live while I’m alive, you know?