I went to a Renaissance Faire and corrected someone’s grammar. Repeat. I went to a ren faire and corrected someone’s medieval grammar. 

I literally deserve to die. 



Dutch:  what were you dressed like?
Bizzo:  Didn’t really catch the funk, in that department.
Dutch:  aw, so sad
Bizzo:  I know right?
And I even own a kilt.
I could have worn that, a dress shirt and tie, and your viking helmet.
And been Terribly Confused Lad.
… or something.
Dutch:  it would have been creatively anachronistic
Bizzo: Very.

One thought on “Today”

  1. I’m actually upset you didn’t use the “what do we look like a couple of nerds” tag.

    And you should’ve posted the flag. It’s amazing.

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