Everybody knows

I hate almost everything CNN does. They’ve got more people watching the wires and more cameras on the ground than anyone, and once they have the image or the lede they consistently do the shittiest, most half-asked job covering it.

Say, here. In this encouraging piece of news.

But I can forget, if not forgive, the “air the controversy” bullshit cable news always falls back on when it feels like doing no research and taking no stance. Because the fact that this statement is out there makes me happy.

Also, Georgia signed.

This ain’t a sewn outfit homes, homes is about it

This is one of those sad situations where 95% of all grownups agree, and yet we do the opposite. “21” combines some our worst fantasies. We take a real fact of life (young people are reckless), and pretend we can control it with symbolic action and voodo responsibility.

Voodo as in, the month after this law gets changed a 19 year old will die. Just like every other month. But now everyone will feel bad, like their allowing the law to change somehow caused it. Which feelings will be milked by monomaniacs, and given free coverage on CNN.

Unlike now, when 19 year olds die, no one will go on the record saying how, no one that age is told or can be expected to seek help when too drunk, and jurors and soldiers are legal children. But Candy can sleep well at night, and dream that she re-writes human nature with every letter to Congress.

The fantasy can’t end soon enough.

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