The All-Caps-Father



Bizzo:  I may weep openly.
Warthog: what’s up?
Bizzo: The reviews for Too Human are bad.
Warthog:  hrm
Bizzo:  This hurts me in ways that it really shouldn’t.
like somebody has picked up my own adopted child and slapped him with an octopus.
Then told him he’s not special.
Then refused to let him start the second grade.

I may have issues.
Warthog:  hahahaha
Bizzo:  Seriously
Once I get the Xbox (assuming I ever find a worthy job), that was going to be my first purchase. 
Possibly followed by
Warthog:  hahahahaha
How could they have been AWESOME enough to create TWO 
Viking games for this system … AND SCREWED THEM BOTH UP???
Warthog: they never seem to do well with Viking games

Bizzo: Like, if you sat me down and said “Have full creative control. Design the most awesome thing you can come up with. Totally self-indulge.”
I would have written an outline to Too Human
I can’t believe the concept actually exists.
It seems like I created it with my subconsious.
Warthog: there are many a game with promise that hath been made lame…
Bizzo:  much like Christina Hendricks.
Warthog:  LOL
Bizzo: Seriously.
My primary motivation to 1) get back in shape and 2) become rich and famous
Is that she exists. And is only a few years older than we.
Bizzo: I’m like Forest Whittaker, growing corn, creating ham radio broadcasts no one listens to, and stalking Diana Ross.
Warthog:  HAHAHAH
Bizzo:  Only I’m young and white, the corn is corporate blackbooks, the ham radio is a blog, and Diana Ross is Christina Hendricks.
… this is all going to kind of a weird place.
Warthog:  I thoroughly enjoy you 
Bizzo:  …
You just made the place weirder.
Warthog: 😉


3 thoughts on “The All-Caps-Father”

  1. don’t worry, if you have a PC made after the year 2000, you can still probably run, Rune;title;0

    though I disagree with their rating.

    If you buy “The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowwind” and put on the bloodmoon expansion, you get some nice viking action.

    There is also Midgard realm from Dark Age of Camelot:

    the game is still glitchy years after release, but it was one of the first in a generation of 3D MMORPGs.

    In the words of the mighty Magnus Samuelson, “Wiking Powah!!!!!”

  2. Rune was OK but there really hasn’t been a good Viking game ever…it is really sad but the best Viking game may be Diablo 2: LOD and that isn’t even about Vikings…

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