I wasn’t as blown away by Michelle Obama’s speech last night as many were. Maybe it was all the hype, maybe it was hearing all the talking points before. She did a solid job. Got a little Eva Peronish, but hit all the central campaign themes and really seemed to connect with the audience. 

The AWESOME moment came at the end. Barack comes in via satellite and says hi from the home of some voters. Malia and Sasha get on stage and it’s all scripted sappy. There’s a delay in the feed, and Barack fumbles for a minute and says “hi from St. Louis” before correcting to “here in Kansas City.” He gives a shoutout to Michelle, introduces the Selected Voters and rides out the applause. 

Sasha has the microphone. She’s like, 6. She’s on stage at the DNC. 

“Daddy, what city are you in?”

You can’t see her face, but I’m an older brother. I could draw the look blind.

So awesome.

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  1. I personally enjoyed the supreme effort given by the “Best Political Team on Television(c)” to find some fault with the evening. Despite all the guest commentators assertions (including the conservatives) that the goal of the evening was to present the warm, fuzzy, family values(c) side of the Obamas, John King was determined to get someone to say the messed up everything and would die in a fire…that is until Wolf Blitzer slapped him down for directing viewers away from CNN media then smoothly transitioned to a shameless plug for the CNN website….that stretch was gloriously capped off by the McCain rep at the convention suggesting that Wolf Blitzer never really slept but in reality just “hung upside down in the Situation Room for two hours.” However, the real gem of the evening was when CNN set off in a valiant effort to find several black, female Hillary supporters (MUST…AIR…CONTROVERSY!). Eventually, they cornered two and kept them after-hours for interrogation…The first gave a cogent, if rehearsed answer to the softball question, “How do you feel about Senator Clinton not being on the ticket?” The second highlighted the problem with this method by stating that while she was disappointed, there were other jobs Hillary could do in an Obama administration such as “Supreme Court Justice…or Speaker of the House….” !>.<! Wait? you mean the President of the Senate…but that would be the Vice Pres-…Oh well…so much for that…

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