Post Convention Notes 08.27.08

(ED Note: Not to confused with the previous Convention Notes 08.27.08)

(22:59:11) BuckNutOhBama: oh, he’s too good to be human
(22:59:41) BuckNutOhBama: i fear the day it is revealed he is a robot from mars that feeds on the blood of baby yaks
(22:59:58) BuckNutOhBama: yakletts, if you will
(23:00:37) ditriech: cylon
(23:00:39) ditriech: gotta be
(23:00:42) ditriech: bsg lied
(23:00:45) ditriech: there are two
(23:00:50) ditriech: him and phelps


And yes, it would be nice if someone decided to liveblog Barack’s speech tomorrow.

Or, you know, posting pictures of cute wombats. Either will suffice

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  1. gah, fine. i’ll do it. biz, you want to co-liveblog this bad boy with me? we can do it conversation style, you know, like that trope wonkette uses when its editors are lazy.

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