Why Palin Doesnt Matter…

• Nobody knows who she is.
• She can’t relate to women in the lower 48.
• She has no experience when compared to Biden (Beauty Contestant, Mayor of a podunk town, Governor for ~2 years).
• Nobody votes on the VP.
• Her husband works for BP (shades of Cheney)
• 63% of women favor an unnamed Democrat.
• Only 22% of women want to ban abortion.
• Women are now mostly concerned with economic security (28 percent said it was their number one issue), health care (22 percent), homeland security and terrorism (21 percent), retirement security (15 percent) and crime (6 percent).
So, 71% of women favor issues that McCain is weakest on.
• Palin doesn’t help him with women at all other than being “a woman” and hurts him on abortion and guns.
• 20% drop in evangelical political engagement since 2004.
• An evangelical VICE-president is not and evangelical PRESIDENT.
• Evangelicals haven’t got anything for 8 years of work and a vice-president wont give it to them.
• Obama already has Bush’s margin of independents: 48%.
• The Dem base is energized.
• Both McCain and Palin will lose the debates miserably (Nixon).
• The GOP convention will be underwhelming.
• McCain is old, can’t speak, looks stiff and sounds fake.
• They had to bus people in from around the country JUST to get 15K people to their event.
• Dems got 80K with a line 2 miles long and they didnt even have to try.
• GOP doesn’t have the money or the organization and it is too late to build one.
• The Dem money floodgates are about to open = ALL OBAMA ALL THE TIME.
• News outlets are focused on a storm threatening the Gulf (shades of Katrina)
• Most people vote on the economy and that sucks.
• Most want out of Iraq.
• Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president ever.
• The weight of US political history and trends.
More to come…

6 thoughts on “Why Palin Doesnt Matter…”

  1. Although most of that is correct analysis, I think you got one thing wrong. The GOP might not have as much money as the Dems, but they don’t need it anymore. It’s not a money game anymore: it’s a people placement game. The GOP has the right officials in the right offices of the right states bought off. Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico have been bought: there is a 0% chance that Obama will take any of those swing states; and that’s just the start.

    The only way that the Dems have any chance at all of winning this year is if they wake up and start listening to the Palast/Kennedy voting project and mobilize the base that they thought was safe.

    In other news, after this week’s developments, I have solidified my voting decision for this fall. I am voting McKinney for President. Obama revealed by choosing Biden and sweeping his fiscal and foreign policy positions under the rug that he is in fact Bush Lite. Biden was behind both the Patriot Act and the Bankruptcy Act. Wrap your head around this: Biden is not a middle class hero. If you want the bullshit to end, you have no choice but to vote third party.

  2. Third parties are a joke. Unless we become a parliamentary democracy, any protest vote is a vote for the GOP. Justify why you would vote for McCain.

  3. Third parties are not a joke. That is a myth circulated by the Democrats to get people to vote for them as the lesser of two evils. The Democrats know that as soon as we figure out that democracy only works when third parties are viable, they’re screwed. The people on the DNC remember, better than you do, how they were screwed by a third party in the elections of 1856 and 1860. By 1864, that third party was their chief rival (due to other political circumstances the probably won’t repeat soon).

    By enshrining the two-party system, you effectively piss on the graves of the Founding Fathers. Washington was explicit in his condemnation of a two-party system. You also deny history. The two parties only found their current stability and monopoly in the past half-century.

    Moreover, if I were to concede to you that the two-party system is the only viable system in a nation full of people who are too dense to deal with anything more complex, I should argue then that we should have a choice of which two parties prevail. The Dems are no longer a credible alternative to the GOP. They have returned to their conservative practices of the pre-Wilson era and no longer present a formidable opposition. If we are going to have a two-party system, it’s time for another shift in that system. This is a cycle that plays itself out in American (and British) politics: the liberal party moves to the center until it becomes irrelevant and is replaced by a new liberal party. (e.g.: Liberal->Labor, Whig->Republican, Republican->Democrat [1912 switch])

    No, the only vote that makes sense for a true progressive, or even liberal, is for the Green Party. Voting for Obama is like voting for another four years of Bush. And if enough of us grow balls and do it, it might just work and we could see a true left wing party in American politics again.

  4. Warthog is wrong and five minutes with the internet has proved it:


    women might not view her favorably, but men do…

    Republicans love her and Independents like her which means that she can contribute to the campaign.

    I support the sentiments expressed by Consigliere, but believe that now is not the time to make a stand. The importance of the upcoming election has put me in a mindframe where even if Joseph Goebbels were Obama’s running mate, I would still vote Democrat. I am really upset about Biden’s consistent support of the RIAA, and anti-net neutrality positions. I am upset by his support for the Patriot Act. Hopefully, Biden will not be playing as big a role as Chenney is.

    I am mildly frightened by the 30% number cited by every News Channel, which somehow was left out of your numbers game, Warthog. Speaking of numbers, show your sources. Maybe you would be given more credit, if you compiled reliable numbers to support your blanket statements, as opposed to generalizations with percentages added. That thirty percent contains some ultra-conservative Jewish people and rabid feminists, both of whom would support a hawkish evangelical woman.





    Though the religion issue might repel a number of philactery wearing people, aggressive anti-Iran, and pro-unified single state Israel comments will draw others. I look at Palin as a sort of Female Dan Quayle. Both are attractive, both are disturbingly clean cut. Both make their respective president impeachment proof. And both have/will get there butts whooped in the VEEP debate.

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