Always Bet With Black, V2.1

Hopefully, this is just a holder post. But I’m posting it now in case I don’t wake up in time to actually finish the real one.

App. State @ LSU (off)
Yeah, App. State sorta beat a big time school last yearsd, but the chances of that happening again are about the same as Kandyse McClure or Nicki Clyne emailing me asking me out. Not that I’m totally against either happening. Especially, you know, the latter.

Akron @ Wisco (+26.5)
I just plain don’t like the Zips

VA. Tech @ E. Carolina (-9.5)

BGSU (-13) @ Pitt
Eat Shit Pitt I think that BGSU is able to cover in this game

YSU @ Ohio State (off)
Well aware that I’m a Homer.

Coastal Carolina @ Penn St. (off)

Hawaii (-34.5) @ Florida
34.5 points is a lot of points

Georgia Southern @ Georgia (off)

USC @ UVA (-19.5)
I’m not really that sold on USC this year. Plus it’s an away game

‘Nova @ WVU (off)

Northern Iowa @ BYU (off)

Tenn-Martin @ USF (off)

Florida Intl. @ Kansas (+36)
On the other hand, Mangino eats 36 points as an hors d’oeuvre

LA Monroe @ Auburn (+26)

Chattanooga @ Oklahoma (off)

Florida Atlantic @ Texas (+24)

Eastern Washington @ Texas Tech (off)

Alabama (-4.5) @ Clemson
Houndstooth’s a hell of a drug

Illinois (-9) @ Missouri
Also: Big Ten homer

N. Arizona @ Arizona State (off)

Washington (-13) @ Oregon

sd: who was that again?