Site Announcements: A Change is Gonna Come

There are a couple of changes that have been long overdue, that I’ll probably implement over the next week or so. Follow me for more information after the jump.

First of all, this week will be the last week of “Song. Of. The Week.” Mostly because it was too hard for me to come up with songs that were new and different every time, and had become redundant ever since I started the “Beirut Song for the Weekend”. Granted, SOTW came first, but I felt as though Beirut Song for the Weekend was more fun. So I decided to keep it.

Also, because it is now College Football seasonsd1, “Always bet with Black” is making its return, primarily coming on Thursdays, with “YouTube Video of the Week/Weekly YouTube” moving to Wednesday to accommodate this. Rabbit Day will be coming back as well, probably on

“On Notice” and “Cock of the Walk” will make their probable return as well on TBD days. Also, there might be more additions/weekly emails dependent upon other cofabg writers’s preferences.


sd1: The most wonderful time of the year