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Benjamin Franklin once said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."  I could not concur more.  I fancy myself a connoisseur of beer, though it may sound pretentious.  I think it my duty to sample the many beers available and provide an informed opinion and review to potential purchasers of said beer.  While it may be a never-ending quest in a constantly evolving micro-brewery market, where every Maw and Paw restaurant thinks they can brew their own beer; it is for you dear reader that I fight the valiant fight.  If I happen to taste some choice beverages along the way, so be it.

Bought the Magic hat summer variety show.  It has some old friends and some new friends slyly thrown in.

Magic hat Notion 8

The coloration is dark, almost the same color as the beer bottle.  It is a deep black in the middle, fanning out to a lighter bottom, not unlike the coloration of a proper black and tan.  The head doesn’t last, even when poured quickly.  It is higher gravity than most watery American beers at 4.2%.  It has large round bubbles that make it quite quaffable and give it a smooth pull.  Dakley toasted barley, like a weak, watered down dunkelweissen (also spelled dunkelwiezen).  Not quite as powerful a smokey flavor as an Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier.  There is a tiny hint of sweetness and a soupcon of hops.  This beer is like a smokey double bock on training wheels, so low gravity and no gruet goodness.  Overall it receives an 8 out of 10.  I will drink it, but I will not actively search for it.

Circus Boy

This is a moderately successful attempt at a heffeweizen.  The beer possesses a murky, cloudy golden coloration.  It is unfiltered and therefore some people would roll the bottle between their flattened palms to coax out the yeast and grit at the bottom.  The head is long lasting.  The liquid weight is surprisingly light.  It has a medium fast pour.  It is wheaty and hoppy in an understated kind of way.  It doesn’t have the monster starchy, sweetness of other unfiltered wheat beers.  I would put it well above Shiner, but miles below Pyramid.  As an enthusiast of wheat beers, this pulled at my heartstrings like a Disney movie from before 1995.  Much like a Disney movie post 1995 it disappointed and seemed somewhat lacking in the execution of its artistic potential.  At least they didn’t add Banana, or cloves, or cinnamon accents to it.  7.7 out of 10

This is just a taste.  There will be more to come.

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  1. I’m actually on a heffe-kick lately. Wonder if I can find this stuff in NYC. Well, the answer is usually yes, but where?

    Beer senses … tingling …

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