This great sixty minutes interview is an opportunity to go on the record. Dutch and ditriech and I have gone back and forth about when and why we each became Obama backers. I mentioned the Skadden moment (which I may blog about some time). This nerdy encapsulation made the rounds. And I reccomend that everyone, everywhere read this “hit piece.” Which is the most positive thing, from my perspective, ever written about Barack.

If you’re not up to all of that reading, watch the interview. Hell, skip to 6:19.

“What reason is that, Steve?”

Presidential candidates don’t do that in interviews like this. They don’t counter-punch to the throat. They don’t take an opportunity to turn the assumptions back on their questioner. What a Kerry or a Bush does is he smooths it out. Talks it over. Smiles and says “America.” They don’t hit like this.

And I suspect they don’t know how to.

BHO is the best natural politician, negotiator and competitor who has run for this office in our lifetime. He is exactly the person I want in the room with Putin and Ahmadinejad.

The NRO crowd still thinks they’re fighting Jimmy Carter!

Dutch: i mean if they were smarter than I
then i could be, fair play to them
but not
Bizzo: The Clinton people had it all wrong
Dutch: It’s like Machiavelli thought. if you’re truly Machiavellian, nobody fucking knows because you’re smart enough to hide it
They are failed Machiavellians

Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Wham.”

  1. Jimmy Carter was a bungling politician, until after he held office. He was a protege of Admiral Rickover, that was ear-marked for greatness. His economic policies were harmful in the short-run and the only good thing to come of them was Volcker’s rise to power and an anti-inflationary tendency in the FED. He mishandled the Iran embassy situation and capitulated to the one China policy, in effect creating this difficult conundrum we are currently in. I know Barack Obama sir, and he is no Jimmy Carter.

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