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  1. She needs an editor. The speech was too long and parts of it too informal. It was like a pastiche of a family introduction, her curriculum vitae minus the beauty queen part, butt kissing, and bad mouthing Obama. What the hell was up with the weird horn music in the middle transition. Then they trot out Johnnie Boy afterwards for 5 minutes without speaking and then shuffle him off like the geriatric figurehead he is…and “the pledge of allegiance,” special emphasis added to the “God” part, recited in between the star spangled banner while sang by country music stars…

  2. @tuck: … Ok, I just did that because I can do it.

    Anyhoo, attacking The Man Himself was her job. The Veep candidate typically is the attack dog. I don’t fault her at all for that. I don’t fault her at all for not mentioning the ‘bad’ parts of her resume, do you anyone go into a job interview, or their first day of work and say “Yeah, I write for this blog about a drinking game. Its pretty cool.

    I mean, besides me. I don’t count in this matter.

    And the country music, emphasizing God, that’s playing to her base. Which is something that Senator McCain (feels like he) needs to do, honestly.

    And w/r/t not saying her opponents name, its totally a politics thing. See Gov. Bartlet in 02×01. Also, notice that we went a post and two comments without using her name either. What it does is put down the person without actually saying anything bad about her.

  3. I didn’t watch the speech, but I keep hearing snippets on NPR and BBC World Service.

    SNL is screwed.

    You can’t parody her. She sounds too fake already. She sounds like a SNL sketch of herself.

    And she looks like one, too… preppy glasses and up-do and all.

    And does she seriously think we won’t do our homework and dredge up the fact that she is exactly the type of corrupt politician against whom the good old boy has crusaded all his career.

  4. @Consigliere:

    I think that she thinks “we” won’t care. That the several groups Palin is after want someone like her (either a hard right Evangelical, or a working mother, or a Real Rugged American) in office as a proxy more than they want (or care to ask about) truth, competence, accountability etc.

    And she’s on to something. Voters anywhere love a proxy. There’s a large minority of Americans who will consider this.

    But are there enough?

    And are there enough in Ohio and PA and Michigan?

    I think that’s the bet. And I don’t know if it will pay off.

  5. @Dutch: Yeah, but Bartlet’s a better man than either Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin (and there’s the first use of her name).

    Also, notice that The Man Himself uses Sen. McCain’s name. Like Gov./Pres. Bartlett.

    @Consigliere: Yes! Keep saying they are screwed! Hopefully they bring Tina Fey back to parody her, and she then shoots things! And I retire to my bunk. A great day night in the, well, Late Night.

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