Always Bet with Black, V2.2

Last Year: 93-100-5
Last Week: 15-6
Rolling 3 Week: 30-26-4


The above picture is by Britty and entitled “Color Cube”

In case anyone was wondering, it really went off the rails the third to last week of the season. And that record doesn’t cover the entire season as I cannot remember, nor did I post here, what my picks were the final week of the season. And it does not include the bowls. So there you go.

Anyhoo, last week I did extremely well and I did a little dance,  as well as made a little love.

Ok, so not the last one.

This week, again, should be relatively easy (though really high spreads tend to mess with me). Or, I could completely get the rabbit sd1. You know, which ever. Picks after the jump

S. Carolina (+10) @ Vandy

E. Illinois @ (off) Illinois

Ohio (-34) @ Ohio State
After I got the ESPN text saying that Beanie wasn’t playing, I switch State to not cover.

Marshall (-21) @ Wisconsin

Southern Miss @ (+17.5) Auburn

BYU @ (-9) Washington

Cincy @ (+21.5) Oklahoma

CMU @ (+23.5) Georgia

OrSU (-16.5) @ PSU

Ole Miss (-8) @ Wake Forest
Sadly, this is a homer pick. As Ole Miss is my favorite SEC team the SEC team I would choose if forced too. My grandparents lived closer to Ole Miss than Miss State.

Utah State (-36) @ Oregon
I feel like I’m wrong with this one somehow.

WVU @ (-8) ECU
Go Butt Pirates!

LA Tech @ (+20.5) Kansas

SE Missouri State @ (off) Missouri

Tulane (-30) @ Alabama

USF @ (-14) UCF

Miami (FL) (-21.5) @ Florida

UNLV (-22) @ Utah

Texas Tech @ (-10.5) Nevada

Stanford @ (+14) ASU
This has all the makings of push game

Texas @ (-27) UTEP

Other Big Ten

Murray State @ (off) Indiana

FIU (-27) @ Iowa
For the record, I don’t think Iowa will lose.

Miami (OH) (-14) @ TSUN
Ditto for TSUN

Eastern Michigan (-21) @ MSU

Minny @ (+6) BGSU

Northwestern @ (-6.5) Duke
For the record, I do think Northwestern will lose

Northern Colorado @ (off) Purdue


sd1: And, in the next two weeks, have Rabbit Day posts for the last two weeks last season, and the first week this year.