Beirut Song of the Weekend

To be perfectly honest, I’ve known what this song has going to be for at least the past 5 days. Probably more. Mostly because it was going to be the “Song of the week, but then I decided to discontinue that. And the fact that I’ve played it at least once in every music sessionsd1 in the past week. Though it actually is probably played more than that each session. Because it is that awesome.

I got into this song basically by accident. I was in the Beer Store, and they had a Rolling Stone which had an article about the 100 best guitar songs ever. Now, for those who don’t know, I’m a very guitar based when it comes to music. It’s my favorite instrument. While searching for the 100 best guitar songs article on the tubez, I found that Rolling Stone also made a list of the 500 greatest songs ever. So I decided to [purchase both at an authorized retailer], though it made me happy that I already had 21% of the guitar songs and 68% (!!) of the 500 best songs. And, in an effort for me to hear new music, I put the songs that were on both of these lists to my favorites playlist. “Marquee Moon” was one of these songs.

Marquee Moon (Remastered LP Version) – Television

Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon

 Marquee Moon

It’s about 11 minutes of awesome. Sit back, enjoy, and sink cups.

Have a good weekend everyone.

sd1: I define a music session as anytime I start up the Ol’ iTunes and play at least 5 songs consecutively. Watching a TV (ha!) show/Movie breaks up a session, but pausing to play Civ IV (Though normally I keep the music in the background) or watch a YouTube would still be the same session.

2 thoughts on “Beirut Song of the Weekend”

  1. What about Miserlou by Dick Dale or Boogie on The Beach by Red Elvises, Over Under Sideways by the Yardbirds, Under the Hedge by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Life by the Drop or The Sky is Crying, Nirvana Come as You Are, Fool in the Rain by Led Zepplin, The entire album “into the valley” by Ry Cooder, Black magic woman by Carlos Santana, Layla by Clapton, Under a Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers (or any of the later John Frusciante reunion works), ORRRRR Any of the many works of Steve Cropper who co-wrote “In the midnight Hour” with Wilson Pickett and “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” with Otis Redding…

  2. Because none of those songs, save Layla, were on both the RS 100 guitar and 500 greatest song lists?

    Also, I pretty much decide most of these songs on a whim. And/or what song i’m addicted to at the time.

    And this comment really doesn’t point out anything wrong with the song, just suggestions for other songs (that, you know, I probably won’t use because I’m a throbbing dick like that. Which upsets me, because you know how I feel about Nirvana in general and “Come as You Are” in particular.)

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