Beirut Song of the Weekend

(00:37:41) ditriech: also, are you on your home computer?sd1
(00:52:30) WhamBangThud has signed on.
(01:07:59) WhamBangThud: yes
(01:08:51) ditriech: find the beirut songs scenic world [lon gisland ep], the fish inside me, and monna pomona.
(01:09:12) WhamBangThud: hookay
(01:09:48) ditriech: monna pomona is what I would describe as "hauntingly beautiful"
(01:10:04) ditriech: and scenic world is awesome, especially if you are familiar with the other version


This week, friends and compatriots, you get a special treat. Mostly due to my problems with indecision, but that’s not the important part! The important part is that you get two Beirut songs of the Weekend. And they are both by Beirut! It’s your lucky day!

Anyhoo, a little bit of a back story. A long, long time ago (read: sophomore year), I used to make mix cds for other people. Like a lot. So, with me telling everyone that I meet ever about how awesome Beirut is, I decided to make a mix cd with the songs that I think people who like life would like. Of course, I haven’t actually, you know, burned the cd or given it to anyonesd3, but two of the songs on there were your Beirut songs of the Weekend, the aforementioned "Scenic World [Lon Gisland EP]" and "Monna Pomona"


Monna Pomona – Beirut

Monna Pomona
Pompeii EP

Pompeii EP


(02:14:06) WhamBangThud: The phrase of the week is hauntingly beautiful.
(02:14:10) WhamBangThud: Thanks to yourself
(02:14:29) ditriech: its been one of my favorites for a while


Scenic World [Lon Gisland EP] – Beirut

Scenic World [Lon Gisland EP]
Lon Gisland EP

 Lon Gisland

If I had to pick the better song of the two, this is it. Not to say I didn’t enjoy the original version of "Scenic World" on Gulag Orkestar. But this version is amazingly good.

Have a good Weekend.

sd1: You see, during Bizzo’s last visit here, I connected my external to Biz’s laptop, and that’s how we listened to music. Apparently, if you have certain settings on your iTunes you keep every song that’s added to your library. So he has (had?) all my music. Which is interesting, because I have a very varied library. Which, actually, I plan on discussing at length at some point. But then again, I planned on being an astronaut too, and we see how well that’s going for me.

sd2: Ok, not really. But its pretty close. Most people that I get into conversations with, if we talk about music at all, Beirut comes up. Sometimes if we don’t even talk about music! I could be talking about either Beirut here, btb.

sd3: Until Now! WOOO!

ditriech’s "If you don’t listen to Beirut on a semi-regular basis, here’s why you should" Playlist*

Song Album
The Gulag Orkestar Gulag Orkestar
Elephant Gun [Lon Gisland] Lon Gisland EP
Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) Gulag Orkestar
La Banlieue The Flying Club Cup
The Fish Inside Me Small Time American Bats
Monna Pomona Pompeii EP
Scenic World [Lon Gisland EP] Lon Gisland EP
Nantes The Flying Club Cup
My night with the Prostitute from Marseille Big Change: Songs for FINCA
Forks and Knives La Fête The Flying Club Cup
Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route) The Flying Club Cup
St. Apollonia The Flying Club Cup
My Family’s Role in the World Revolution [Lon Gisland EP] Lon Gisland EP
Guyamas Sonora Pompeii EP
The Electric Show Small Time American Bats
Cliquot The Flying Club Cup
A Sunday Smile The Flying Club Cup

*Needless to say, I have all these songs. PM Email me if you can’t find some of them. The ones on STAB especially.