So you say there’s a big game tomorrow?

(11:29:05) SouljaRoyTellEm: where you watching the state game tomorrow
(11:29:09) ditriech: no idea
(11:29:16) ditriech: Gradakiss went home for the weekend
(11:29:25) ditriech: im considering rhino
(11:29:38) SouljaRoyTellEm: cool
(11:33:02) ditriech: though, with beanie doubtful, I may want to watch it here. alone. crying.
(11:33:45) ditriech: in the dark.

(14:14:23) ditriech: ion: so. im considering watching the game tomorrow while crying into a forty in the dark.
(14:15:12) WoodnShoePimp: that bad?
(14:15:44) ditriech: I hope this is all an elaborate ropeadope strategy from Gov.Tressel.
(14:16:36) WoodnShoePimp: do you really think it is?
(14:16:41) ditriech:
(14:16:59) ditriech: no
(14:17:46) WoodnShoePimp: hey, at least it would make it more likely that you’ll win a bowl game this year
(14:18:02) ditriech: yeah. but still.
(14:18:06) ditriech: I don’t want to lose like this
(14:18:09) WoodnShoePimp: i know, i know
(14:18:14) ***WoodnShoePimp hugs [ditriech]
(14:18:20) ditriech: I’d rather lose with a 100% beanie
(14:18:21) ditriech: aww
(14:18:22) ditriech: thanks
(14:19:05) ditriech: because if he’s hurt, and we lose its like "we could’ve beat them with beanie"
(14:19:30) WoodnShoePimp: yeah
(14:19:33) WoodnShoePimp: and you never know
(14:19:34) ditriech: if he’s 100% and we lose, its like "THE REFS STOLE THE GAME FUCKING ZEBAA BASTARDS"
(14:19:42) ditriech: so that’s the problem.
(14:19:42) WoodnShoePimp:
(14:19:46) WoodnShoePimp: zebaa?
(14:19:55) ditriech: sorry
(14:20:01) ditriech: pearls before swine
(14:20:06) ditriech: I won’t do that again
(14:20:08) ditriech: today.
(14:20:22) WoodnShoePimp: zebra?
(14:20:26) WoodnShoePimp: oh
(14:20:28) WoodnShoePimp: the crocs
(14:20:30) WoodnShoePimp:
(14:20:33) WoodnShoePimp:
(14:20:36) WoodnShoePimp: wow
(14:20:47) ditriech: ditriech, ftw
(14:21:04) WoodnShoePimp: ditriech, ft something
(14:21:21) ditriech: the contest isn’t dork of the year?
(14:21:23) ditriech: huh.
(14:22:19) WoodnShoePimp: no it is, but that was something else entirely
(14:23:01) ditriech: true.