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On the road just north of IU, I took some time for cofabg’s Best Blogger Alive. Who you’ll notice, agrees with my take on the Palin run.

It’s worth re-stating from the heart of Red America: there’s a sizable minority of voters who are being asked, a third time, to vote on tribal identity. In 2000 it was For Christ, in 2004 Against Queers and 2008 it’s For One of Our Own.

Honestly folks, Aaron Sorkin, Paul Begala and the rest need not apply for this election. It’s going to follow its own strange logic. The last decade has whittled our battle down from Liberal vs. Conservative to People of Ability vs. The People Next Door. The Republicans have broken as a governing party, and have no other logic left.

It’s an insane sell, given how difficult next year’s going to be.

I still think it could work.

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  1. Just think of how many stuffed shirts will become homeless panhandlers doing the Elvis dance for quarters if AIG goes under…and it’s teetering

  2. Its cofabg. Now get it right or pay the price.


    Sorry, been hearing the theme to “Salute your Shorts” a lot in my head lately.

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