Yes, these are our real conversations V3

(12:37:07) ditriech: question
(12:37:22) ditriech: do you think Bad Horse would have incorporated, or made an LLC
(12:37:24) ditriech: I say LLC
(12:40:51) WhamBangThud: what?
(12:40:56) WhamBangThud: oh
(12:40:57) WhamBangThud: right
(12:40:58) WhamBangThud: um
(12:41:15) WhamBangThud: Wait, the whole counsel?
(12:41:17) WhamBangThud: council
(12:41:24) WhamBangThud: or just the horse himself?
(12:41:42) ditriech: see, im thinking it would be the whole council
(12:41:52) ditriech: and Bad Horse would be the head
(12:42:14) ditriech: though, if its just the horse, it would be incorporated.
(12:42:17) ditriech: probably.
(12:42:22) ditriech: LLC still might be a better option
(12:44:06) WhamBangThud: Depends how much power the other supervillians had
(12:44:24) WhamBangThud: In a corporate structure, they could demand and be granted officership and rights.
(12:44:29) ditriech: right.
(12:44:39) ditriech: but in an LLC, they could just be non-voting members
(12:44:43) WhamBangThud: In an LLC, Horse as principal member, would have their standing at his whim
(12:44:44) WhamBangThud: Right
(12:44:46) WhamBangThud: Exactly
(12:44:59) WhamBangThud: So how much clout do his associates have?
(12:45:04) WhamBangThud: Or are they true underlings?
(12:45:07) WhamBangThud: That is the question
(12:45:08) ditriech: that’s the real question
(12:45:10) ditriech:
(12:45:11) WhamBangThud: hahaha