YouTube of the week: The Takeover

Due to the overwhelming number of questions I got about the flash movie that the picture of me is taken fromsd1, and the fact that no one is sure when Bizzo will be able to post againsd2, I’ve taken the liberty of sharing said flash movie with y’all. Hope you enjoy it.

Of note, there is sound in this film. It’s the sound that AIM (used to?) make when people im each other. But that’s it.


[kml_flashembed movie="" width="375" height="272"/]


Fine. So it isn’t a YouTube.


Here watch this.

It’s apparently Beirut, Final Fantasy, about half of Arcade Fire and other musicians playing “The Gulag Orkestarsd3” As I watched this, I realized that a) I’m completely upset that I missed this, b) Beirut completely pwns,sd4 and  c) I can never go to a Beirut concert. Like ever. Because there would be way too many people there that I want to cut.

Like you have no earthly idea.

sd1: read: none

sd2: also a lie. I just really wanted to post these two things. Observe: (01:39:21) Bizzo: Speaking of
(01:39:24) Bizzo: Entries coming
(01:39:31) Bizzo: Just finished moving in today

sd3: Remember, it was a recent sotw.

sd4: Dig that Oxford Comma

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  1. My life is meaningless and empty. I hate everything. I feel this is my only outlet for my pain. Offer solace.

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