Random IM Convos

(19:35:07) ditriech: I had no idea the debate was tonight
(19:35:29) ditriech: so now I sorta have to buy beer
(19:36:03) Beautiful Loser: yeah
(19:36:26) ditriech: gorramit
(19:37:27) Beautiful Loser: she could probably use a few herself
(19:37:45) ditriech: palin?
(19:37:49) Beautiful Loser: being ‘joe sixpack’ and all that
(19:39:03) ditriech: when I run for office, I’m so going to refer to myself as "Ed 40"
(19:40:35) Beautiful Loser: maybe we can elect her as official media foil
(19:40:45) ditriech: official MILF
(19:40:57) Beautiful Loser:
(19:41:05) ditriech: what?
(19:41:10) ditriech: GILF?
(19:41:16) Beautiful Loser: well, i mean yes
(19:41:27) Beautiful Loser: but she’s also funny to listen to
(19:42:02) Beautiful Loser: maybe a porn and standup tour with sarah silverman
(19:42:07) ditriech: ….
(19:42:13) ditriech: that’s only the best idea ever.
(19:44:07) Beautiful Loser: the sarah silverpalin program
(19:44:28) ditriech: stop it, I’m tumescent.
(19:48:10) Beautiful Loser: they could be the feminine version of the odd couple
(19:48:38) Beautiful Loser: have a show on cinemax
(19:48:57) ditriech: around 0200
(19:49:19) ditriech: I could get behind them that
(19:49:26) Beautiful Loser: lol
(19:49:30) Beautiful Loser: or inbetween
(19:49:42) ditriech: yup
(19:53:54) Beautiful Loser: lol
(19:55:03) Beautiful Loser: the big plotline would have to be bill clinton falling for her, and the 17 state killing spree that hillary goes on in response
(19:55:22) ditriech: in appalachia.
(19:55:56) Beautiful Loser: yes. or the yukon. and in the end, hillary field dresses them like moose
(19:58:34) Beautiful Loser: but the clinton-palin lovechild would grow up to become the great leader of the 21rst century
(19:58:48) Beautiful Loser: or the antichrist
(19:58:58) ditriech: can’t they be both?
(19:58:59) Beautiful Loser: but it would have to be named prez
(19:59:25) Beautiful Loser: i’m just really fascinated now by what a bill and sarah affair would do to politics
(19:59:39) Beautiful Loser: i think hillary would actually kill one of them
(20:00:05) ditriech: or both of them
(20:00:13) ditriech: well, it would be worse for the right I’m guessing
(20:00:29) ditriech: mostly because she’s supposed to be the "born again christian leader" and all
(20:00:39) ditriech: and the left would be like "Big Dog, you so crazy"
(20:00:54) ditriech: and Hiillz would be like "DIE SCUM"
(20:01:02) Beautiful Loser: yeah. honestly i’m just amused at the existential angst it would cause hill
(20:01:09) ditriech: and Chelsea would be like "Adam, hold me"
(20:01:10) ditriech:
(20:01:15) ditriech: what? I can dream right?
(20:02:55) Beautiful Loser: as long as i can hold megan mccain
(20:03:06) ditriech: sold.

2 thoughts on “Random IM Convos”

  1. please stop using the word “tumescent”. Whenever you do I have an image of you inflating and then blowing up like monty python sketch.

  2. 1) You both need to be beaten.

    2) Can you imagine her in coitus with that accent? Because I’ve been there a while now.

    3) The Antichrist will have to be the great leader of the 21st century. If the world ends in the 21st Century. If not, we’re stuck with Keanu and Pacino’s gay love child. Or … something. I didn’t understand that movie.

    4) kittens.

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