Favorite First Reaction



To tonight’s debate.

“Ooh, I’m not sure I would have mentioned Delaware in that context.”

I actualy don’t think Obama cleaned up as much as the networks are saying. Especially early on, he stumbled with the format. And his Detailed answers ended up Unfocused As Hell more than once.

But as with every previous debate, time was kind to the dems. McCain and Palin have both been coached to stick to key phrases, and it shows. The “wall street corruption” and “main st.” and “surrender” memes sound retarded, literally retarded, the 7th time you hear them in one debate. By the end you realized they were so worried about going off message, they weren’t even pretending to think of answers to individual questions. That’s insulting, when you’ve been forced to listen to it.

McCain’s been selling the next month to pay for the week in front of him. For a while now. If no one takes Palin’s cue to shoot Obama, I think he’s lost this thing.

And if they do, who the hell wants to win?