I can’t take credit for the following series of amazing forgeries (unless being a denizen of the net whose acquaintances have a crippling addiction to the "Forward" button counts, in which case we pretty much all qualify) but I’m posting it for three reasons 1. I believe (when I’m too lazy to pull off the "post as an abbreviated philosophical treatise" format) in a blog in the original sense of the word: a web log, a detailed itemization of all the weird shit one comes across on the ‘tubes

2. Some shit is just too funny not to show people, but because a) i’ve been on the internet for more than ten minutes b) i’m over the age of 14 and c) i have a sense of shame, I can’t forward it to people, hence: blogging 3. ditriech’s Advice Dog column has shown that reappropriating memes can be fucking hilarious even to those not entirely familiar with the meme. With that in mind, I’d like to offer the possibility of doing a series of these, because hell, it’s funny.

Somebody else’s genius after the jump.

I cut off the final picture, where the presbyterian sign uproots itself and tries to kill the catholic sign, only to be struck by a large truck of chickens while crossing the road. Irony....

3 thoughts on “Church Sign DEATHMATCH”

  1. This is why I must not be allowed to go into the seminary.

    You know that this—or something even more absurd—would happen if some unsuspecting bishop gave me a parish.

    Fortunately, the church where I work now does not have one of these signs.

    I shudder to think what certain of our other Catholic friends would do.

  2. @Bizzo: I love that we had that all-afternoon conversation about All Dogs Go To Heaven that transitioned into an argument about the sociology of children’s entertainment. I don’t think we ever resolved that, either…

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