Beirut Song of the Weekend: Mind of a ditriech

I have a couple of really quirky habits. Ok, not a couple, a lot of really quirky habits, but I’m only going to focus on one today. I make up a lot of parody songs. Like a crapload of parody songs. Mostly in my head, though I have shared one with the class.

By far, the topic I most make up parody songs about is Nortonsd1. Seriously. It’s easier than you think too. Just take any song with "California" in the title and change it to "Upper Norton". So "Dani California" becomes "Psi Upper Norton" (though the syllables don’t quite work out), and my favorite, Phantom Planet’s "California" becomes just plain "Upper Norton"sd2

But, as of late, I’ve been playing this song over and over, trying to figure out which works best. Is it "There is, a hall, in Gambier/They call the Upper Norton" or is it "There is, a place, in Gambier/They call the Norton Hall". I can’t really decide. And I can’t really carry on with the song until I figure out that all important first line.

I don’t know, maybe you can help out.

House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals

The Animals
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun 12"

 House of the Rising Sun


sd1: Not drinking, as most would surmise. Though, I guess, a lot of Norton is drinking. So good guess people.

sd2: Seriously though, this one is awesome "We’ve been on the run, drivin’ in the sun, traveling down ’71/Upper Norton here we come, Right back where we started from"

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