The Pinnacle of Douchedom

I have found it.

Got Autism? Learn About the Link Between Dairy Products and the Disease

PETA leadership probably aren’t the absolute craziest people alive, but their ratio of Money/Respectability to Insanity is unmatched.

They also have the highest ratio of lying to self-righteousness of anyone outside the Discovery Institute. Probably comes from having the same mission: convince people of something you do not yourself believe.

Because if you actually say "farming should be illegal" or "science has no value", people won’t listen.  So you go into work every day to make up entire causes, theories and fears, which you know to be lies. But the fake causes are pushed in support of real (insane) causes you care about very much. So you get that moral purity high combined with the fuck-you pleasure of a con man.

So lying to parents about their disabled children, in order to keep food away from them, for the secret greater good, is just … one more thing.

There’s a bigger point here about how hating science is hating people, and when you want "alternatives" to astronomy and medicine, it’s a sign of moral collapse. But this is rambling enough already. Basically, if you’re part of a group, and you believe really beautiful stuff, and you start hearing how this means "set hospitals on fire?"

Kill yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of Douchedom”

  1. ….

    I’m not even going to discuss about the last graph and the fire and the killing. Because that would lose the one person we have that reads and doesnt post (Hi Sara!)

    But what I _will_ say is that Autism is the one issue I don’t fuck with. Becuase, in the wrong family, it can really destroy things. And I’ve seen it.

    Anyhoo, I won’t kill myself today, because then what will you have to do next year Frankie?

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