o. hai.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, they finally made it to 500 posts!”. This is a lie. There is no spoon. For some reason, when I updated all the posts to have the author’s name, I missed one of mine. This is post 501. Which, for me, is fitting I guess.

Wait. That’s not what you’re thinking? Huh. You want to know where in the good gorram I’ve been and what in the good gorram have I been up to?

Odd. Its not like this is a way for me to communicate my thoughts and such with the entire world (wide web) or something right.

Oh. Wait. It is.

So, I’ve been busy. Doing ditriech-esqe things. You know, figuring out how to steal the rest, deciding on whether or not I should move home, throwing hotel parties with random people I meet on the street, sleeping in post offices and/or floors, drinking, and writing.

So most of that isn’t true. But, I assure you, I’m doing well. Thinking about important things (liek mudkips) like what the hell is going to happen to the 07 Jack Daniels Chevy Impala (nee Monte Carlo)sd1 with this whole GM thing. Really, that worries me. I mean, yeah everyone else is talking about the economy, so I need to worry less about that. But what about the NASCAR? Seriously. Don’t the Southern Republican Senators think about this?

Anyhoo, there are (mtl) stories to come about what ditssd2 has been up to the past three weeks, though I can almost guarantee that almost none of them will make it on cofabgsd3.

In fact, the only reason I wrote this post is because of the whole NASCAR thing, which I thought of this morning while I was working on PRJ Biggoron.sd4. So I’ma go do what I do. Which is, you know, work.


sd1: I think I may be the only person in the Beirut fan, NASCAR, Black Venn Diagram. In fact, I sometimes believe that I try to be the only person in Venn Diagrams because it amuses me so.

sd2: pronounced “deets”. Someone called me that once in IRC and I liked it. Sorta like kissing girls I guess.

sd3: Perhaps 2160, but I doubt that as well.

sd4: Well, that, and to share the story about how I had a dream that Drew Carey was the Rep from OH-11, somehow got banned from Congress and I had to replace him. This is the second time I’ve had that dream.