Odds are good that


At least one person I know will go out this way. That or I get about three grogs deep and jump into a Medieval Times show. I think these days you get some kind of high score for landing “halberd” in your coroner’s report.

But seriously. No outrage is allowed here. If you wave a huge gun around at the police, and refuse to drop it, and act crazy, the proper thing is that you get shot. That’s what we have police FOR. Directing traffic, handing out drunk in public tickets to cofabg writers, and shooting you. That you trigged their Call of Duty reflexes is a footnote.

I mean, way to ruin all their future fun.

6 thoughts on “Odds are good that”

  1. “There was also a large amount of alcohol in the residence.”

    Yeah, that’s about right.

    Ten bucks says that one of our deaths will be accompanied by the headline “First reported Flanged Mace Death since 1962”

  2. Ill take that bet.

    Though, of course, me taking that bet means that this is definitely how Biz will kill me now. But at least I get to be Almost Famous. Or something.

    Man, I love me some me.

  3. Is anyone else offended by the horrible writing in that article?
    The -style construction was the worst.

    bayonet-style, Nazi-style, military-style…

    I don’t think that the military styles its rifles. It was a military rifle, with a fixed bayonet. He was wearing a Nazi uniform. This is an exercise in the polite modern refusal to be precise. Damn, it’s irritating.

    Rather makes me glad, though, that I no longer work in a restaurant — with an history buff who lives in the ghetto and talks about shooting bums and J-walkers on his way to work.

  4. Consig,

    Yes. But if I’d let the weird-stupid writing of that article take over, I wouldn’t have posted about anything else. And that would have been tragic.

    I want to know what kind of infantry rifle you use that isn’t like the ones they use in the military.

    English may not be the editor’s first language.

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