…And we have plan (Part 1)

As of late, we haven’t been writing much. During the months of November/December I attributed it to a couple of things. First and foremost we were pretty burnt out, you know mentally, due to the election and such. Also, because College Football is over. Because, let’s face it, cofabg is a CFB/Politics blog with a drinking problem. Much like ditriech himself. But, with the New Year upon us and all the Change happening and such we need to rectify this situation.

After much consultation with the high command of the good ship cofabgsd1, I have come up with a solution. We need blog-aides. And so, I came up with an all encompassing “better cofabg” plan, that I will be unveiling slowly but surely. Like a Turtle of the Ninjasd2 variety. Unless, of course, the Hare in question is either Hokum Hare. Or Samari Lapin. Whatever.

Anyhoo, here’s the first stage: The Blog Aide Programme.

The cofabg Blog-Aide Programme

The Confessions of a Beirut Game Committee on Blogging Behavior and Standards,

Alarmed by the lack of posts throughout the months of November and December,

Aware of the other time commitments that cofabgers have,

Observing that we need to get on the proverbial cofabg ball,

Noting with regret that no one will actually join the programme,

Further believing that actually writing this resolution is solid proof that ditriech has gone ’round the bend,

1) Creates the Blog Aide Programme (BAP) to facilitate the cofabg blogging process;

2) Designates ditriech as the Head of the BAP;

3) Reminds ditriech that the BAP is in no way shape or form to be used as his personal “hook-up bin”;

4) Encourages the cofabgers who take advantage of the BAP to keep steak well stocked;

5) Resolves to remain actively seized of the matter.

sd1: Basically, this means that I imed Zip and asked him if he thought it was a good idea. He said go for it.

sd2: Of who Donatello is still the best. Honestly. You Leonardo people have it all wrong.

7 thoughts on “…And we have plan (Part 1)”

  1. I move to amend the Preamble, for purposes of recognizing the work and life of Bucky O’Hare. Who has been unfairly marginalized by existing language.

  2. @Bizzo: My nicknames for people evolve. Like you from HBO to Bizzo to BizNasty and so on. I fully believe that sometime in the future I’ll be calling Consigliere “Conny”.

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