…And we have a plan (stage 2)

Stage 2 of the plan is to go back to what we do third-bestsd1: Recurring posts.

Granted, it should never reach the utter frackery that was the “You Tube of the Day”, but still. We need a Jump Start. A reason for our non-existent readers to come back even. So, in an effort to put my money where my cofabg mouth is, this week I’ll be unveiling the cofabg review section entitled “cofabg Reviews it All” this Fridaysd2. CRIAsd3 will be done, by the third Friday of the Monthsd4.

cofabg Reviews it All will probably mainly be focused on bars, and those mostly in the DC area. Because, you know, it’ll be me writing. And that’s what I do. Go to bars in the DC area. Though books, movies, operas and the like are probably fair game too. We’ll see what happens

sd1: Well, some of what we do second best too I guess

sd2: Hopefully

sd3: See sd2

sd4: Because Thirds are awesome.

2 thoughts on “…And we have a plan (stage 2)”

  1. 1) “frackery” is not a word. Oh, I know where you’re going with it, and I love BSG as much as the next nerd. But “frackery” is not canon. It was never used on the show. (And yes, I checked)

    2) shouldn’t it be COFABGRIA? or CofabgRIA?

    3) You know it’ll just end up being CofabgRIA 6: ditriech reviews reading Infinite Jest at that dive bar around the corner from his apartment. Part 6.

  2. 1) I’m really upset that you checked to make sure it wasn’t used. Though not at all surprised.

    2) We don’t practice cofabgria. Nor do we have crystal balls.

    3) Probably. And I have no real problem with that at all.

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