Beirut Song of the Weekend: Dance Edition

I’ve spoke before about earworms. This we know. We also know that I have exceptionally odd musical tastes. We deal with this and move on. Or, you know, at least I do. Anyhoo, on my pilgrimage to the Last Great Vestige of Civilizationsd1, the local radio stations could not stop playing this song. Though, I guess a large part of that was the nature of terrestrial radio. And, seeing as I have such a malleable mindsd2 I could not get this song out my head. Like I would do the normal things, sing Beirutsd3, read Infinite Jest, bang my self about the head with a sturdy ladle. But none of them seemed to work. Or at least work for long. Because, no matter what, it would be back in my head. And I’d be, well, dancing.

Just Dance ft. Colby ODonis – Lady Gaga

Just Dance
Lady Gaga
The Fame


sd1: Also known as Ohio.

sd2: Well, at least w/r/t music.

sd3: Or Weezer, or Wu-Tang, or Nirvana

One thought on “Beirut Song of the Weekend: Dance Edition”

  1. Twenty first century version of C&C music factory’s “Everybody dance now”

    C&C reflects the conception of cool in the early nineties: rough ice-t like delivery over a tantalizing hook. Lady Gaga provide more of that synthesizer-voice R&B fused music that was popularized by Akon…

    but you remember that C&C fizzled out after “gonna make you sweat” and the lip-syncing scandal…I give lady Gaga 3 or 4 more singles before she fades in to compilation tape oblivion just like C&C …

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