Oh Sweet, Sweet Useless Information

Since the internet has returned to my life, I’ve become just as unproductive as the last period in my life with the internet: I enjoy checking my spam email to see if there’s anything worth reading. Sometimes this causes me to pose existential, or at least corporeal, questions.

Is it really desirable to increase the size of one’s nether regions? I don’t mean genitalia, I mean the entirety of the nether regions.1 Because if you think so, then I’ve got something I should forward to you.

Enzyte,2 eat yer heart out.

In tangentially related news, I’ve never been able to whistle:

Revenge is so sweet:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/FMF4S4W4sdQ" width="375" height="308" wmode="transparent" /]

Well, it might not be so sweet for whoever personally provides Exhibit A.

Maybe an enlarged taint would be helpful for unicycling? (back)

From “Host“: A warning and a further warning. (back)

4 thoughts on “Oh Sweet, Sweet Useless Information”

  1. And wait! Wasn’t this whole plot a throwaway joke in a Guy Ritchie movie?

    … which one was that?

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